Hi, we are Jeff and Sandra, owners of Leave it to Lynn professional cleaning services, located in the greater Douglas County, Roseburg, Oregon area.

We started this business for one reason. WE LOVE TO CLEAN! You might think that’s a little strange but there is just something about tackling clutter, dirt, or a mess, and in nothing flat, it’s all fresh, shiny, and really, really spotlessly CLEAN. We LOVE it and so will YOU!

At “Leave it to Lynn” we totally respect that YOUR HOME IS YOUR CASTLE. We also know that everyone has their own way of wanting their house cleaning or office cleaning done. This is where we really shine. Nothing pleases us more than to clean your home or office just the way you want it cleaned. Every time!

Come on, live a little, and pamper yourself! Leave it to Lynn to vacuum, mop the floors, wash the windows, dust the furniture, and all the rest of the services we provide on this site.

So stop wasting your precious time cleaning and
Leave It To Lynn”.

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